White Lion Singer On His Relationship With Vito Bratta

Heavy Paradise recently conducted an interview with former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp.

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Heavy Paradise recently conducted an interview with former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Heavy Paradise: Allow me to take you back to 1983 when [the debut White Lion album] "Fight To Survive" was released. Did you expect that kind of success when you formed White Lion?

Mike Tramp: No, of course not. It was a dream come true. We hoped the album would be a success, but it took many years and we had many problems with the record company before we finally got it out, a year and a half after recording it.

What is the thing that you miss most from those days?

I don't really miss anything, because I have learned to live with that today is a different time. But there is no doubt that it was the time when hard rock was at the top everywhere radio, TV, concerts around the world, and rock fans were having a great time and so were the bands.

I read somewhere that you wanted to do a reunion with the original White Lion members. What went wrong and it never happened?

No, I never wanted it, but i was open to it. But everyone has to understand like Vito [Bratta, former White Lion guitarist] is like big sleepy elephant standing in the middle of the road preventing anything from happening. He is the single and only reason why it will never happen.

With Vito Bratta you were a very successful duo. Do you keep in touch with Vito?

No, I just answer his lawyers' letters... But I think it must be a miserable life to live the way he does. Never done one thing musically since White Lion broke up 20 years ago. No albums, no concerts, not even one little club show. Wow, it is amazing one can live like that.

"Return Of The Pride" was a good comeback album. Do you think that it reached the expectations of the band's earlier releases?

When I look back, I think it should have been listed as a new band. I really like the album and the songs I wrote. But I agree that it is difficult to call it a White Lion album.

Read the entire interview from Heavy Paradise.

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    Before clicking on this, I asked myself where Vito Bratta has been the last 20 odd years. Now, I know. A shame because he had a really good guitar sound and I loved a lot of his riffs.
    I got my old White Lion Cds off my shelves this morning and god, I forgot how great this band was. I told myself: "How could they quit after making such great albums?" I was thrilled to discover the new solo album from Mike and of course I bought it right away. I believe that Mike's solo work is brilliant too and his voice has got even better with time! That is daring considering the fact that his voice was already "top" back in the days. Thanks to Mike for keeping up with great music and...Yes I wish Vito could reconsider because what a band those guys made! I hate to hear turmoil between brilliant artists. Thanks for the music. J-J
    I think Vinnie Vincent will do something before Vito does. No slight to either guitarist; I think both are beyond amazing. Just that neither of them have done much of anything since 1991.