Duane Denison Now Offering Live Online Guitar Lessons

artist: Lessonface date: 02/11/2014 category: namm news

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Duane Denison Now Offering Live Online Guitar Lessons
Lessonface is proud to provide this unprecedented opportunity to learn directly from Duane Denison, a teacher listed among Spin magazine's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time." The addition of Denison to the already strong teaching roster at Lessonface truly demonstrates the greater accessibility to world-class teachers afforded by today's high performing video conferencing systems.

Denison first came to public notice through his work with Chicago based alternative rock band the Jesus Lizard, whose albums "Goat" and "Liar" made Rolling Stone magazine's "Top 100 Albums of the 90's" list. He has since gone on to perform and record with a variety of bands and artists, including Tomahawk, the Unsemble (with Alexander Hacke of Einsturzende Neubauten), Hank Williams III, Beverley Knight, and numerous others. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music from Eastern Michigan University and has studied guitar with such notable figures as Juan Serrano and Paul Warren, among others. Denison began performing with local rock outfits at the age of 15 and within a few years was teaching guitar as well.

In his own words: "I would describe my teaching style as a combination of theory and practice. I try to present concepts and ideas in a simple, direct manner (with tablature or standard notation documents whenever possible, which the student can collect and form into a workbook) and then provide examples of how to use these concepts in a performance setting. I feel that scales, exercises, and etudes are important but should also be supplemented with songs and actual compositions. I'm also not above taking requests and teaching specific things that the student may wish to learn, such as famous tunes, solos, standards, etc. Provided it's within my realm of knowledge."

Private lessons are available for one-on-one instruction, and a limited seating group master class will premiere live on March 11th at 7-7:45 pm CST. The group session, taught over Lessonface's high performance videoconference platform, will include Q&A, and will also be available to enrolled students in a recorded format afterward. You can access a calendar of Denison's limited availability for 30 & 60 minute private lessons atĀ LessonFace (after creating a site login). More information about the group class is availableĀ here.
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