Fender Audio Introduces New Innovations

gear manufacturer: Fender date: 01/28/2014 category: namm news

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Fender Audio Introduces New Innovations

Fender Audio is pleased to introduce several new innovative products aimed to make sharing and amplifying music easier than ever before.

Fender revolutionizes the recording industry by empowering a new generation of mobile-minded producers and engineers with the world's first truly portable world-class studio monitoring system - Passport STUDIO.

Monitoring consistency is a key factor in producing mixes that translate properly from system to system. With the advent of powerful portable recording workstations and the increasing convenience of fully "in the box" audio production, the need for highly portable and accurate studio monitors is now more important than ever.

Passport STUDIO houses a world-renowned FOCAL driver set in a portable, protective and meticulously tuned enclosure, complemented by convenient front panel controls and connectivity. Travel from tracking to mixing sessions down the street or across the globe, with complete confidence that your monitors will arrive unharmed.

The Fender SLIDE Interface provides everything you need to start using your mobile device or PC as a recording, performing or guitar instructional workstation. Along with simple and flexible connectivity, the SLIDE interface includes two complimentary versions of IK Multimedia's AmpliTube, amp and FX modeling software, along with a full version of the Rock Prodigy app, the most complete and effective way to learn guitar.

AmpliTube download links are listed in the owner's manual. To obtain your Rock Prodigy license, visit Fender.com/Slide and follow the registration prompts. Plug your guitar or bass into the SLIDE interface with a standard 1/4" instrument cable, and use either included data cable (SLIDE connect "L" for iOS devices or SLIDE connect "A" for Mac/PC) to connect to your device. Monitor with headphones or fill the room with sound by connecting to an amplified system. With the SLIDE Interface you have complete control.

The Fender EXPO SYSTEM is a powered speaker array with an integrated subwoofer that delivers audiophile clarity and sonic detail in a portable, small-footprint design easily set up in only seconds. The EXPO SYSTEM is the perfect sound system for DJs and instrumental performers. It's also ideal for education, worship and many other presentation applications. The EXPO SYSTEM's ultra-wide sound dispersion pattern covers audiences of up to 300, and it can be easily daisy-chained together with multiple EXPO systems to cover even larger audiences.

For more information, go to Fender.com.

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