New Marshall Custom Shop JVM Tattoo Series of Amplifiers

gear manufacturer: Marshall date: 01/23/2014 category: namm news

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New Marshall Custom Shop JVM Tattoo Series of Amplifiers
Marshall announces the launch of its brand new Custom Shop Tattoo Series on January 23rd, 2014. The company got together with five of the UK's most respected tattooists to lend their art and style to some of Marshall's British built products. The tattooists were given a completely open brief to ensure that their own individual style came through in their art and each had the following three products to work with:
  • JVM1H all-valve, 1-Watt head with a C110 1x10" cabinet
  • JVM215C all-valve, 50-Watt 1x12" combo
  • JVM410H all-valve, 100-Watt head with a 1960A angled 4x12" cabinet.
"Not surprisingly, the results look amazing," stated Marshall's Brand Director, Craig Glover. "After all, rock music and tattoos go together like whisky and Coke!"

The five renowned tattooists involved in the project are: Emily Wood of Black Heart Tattoo; Phil Kyle of Magnum Opus Tattoo; Tutti Serra of Black Garden Tattoo; Antony Flemming of World of Tattoos and Vicky Morgan of Ghost House Tattoos. "The bands I loved as a teenager totally influenced me and inspired me to become a tattooist," says Vicky Morgan. "And many of them are a part of the Marshall family."

All products of these UK built products will feature a customised front panel, coloured vinyl and a plaque from the relevant artist. This series will be available globally for purchase from January 23rd to December 31st, 2014.

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