10 Years: 'Feeding The Wolves' Streaming On UG Profiles

artist: 10 Years date: 09/01/2010 category: online downloads

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10 Years: 'Feeding The Wolves' Streaming On UG Profiles
10 Years have just released "Feeding The Wolves", their first album since 2008's Division. The band is currently streaming the entire album, including two bonus tracks, on their UG Profile! To celebrate the release of their third studio album 10 Years have debuted the official music video for "Shoot It Out." The lead single can be found on "Feeding The Wolves" along with a number of other bold and aggressive tracks. The video premiere of "Shoot It Out" can now be seen on Vevo.com. Frontman Jesse Hasek recently described "Shoot It Out" as an attack on the music industry. "It's a very aggressive song, and it's a little bit of angst towards just how they don't leave you alone to be the musicians you are," Hasek told The Pulse of Radio, echoing comments Wantland made back in an 2008 interview about the band's frustrations over a disagreement about which single should be released next off Division. "They're thinking about how to make the quickest money," Wantland said at the time about Universal Republic, which is also putting out Feeding the Wolves. "On the other hand, as a band we're trying to build a career instead of just making money real quick." "Feeding The Wolves" Tracklist: 01. Shoot It Out 02. The Wicked Ones 03. Now Is The Time (Ravenous) 04. One More day 05. Fix Me 06. Chasing The Rapture 07. Dead In The Water 08. Don't Fight It 09. Waking Up The Ghost 10. Fade Into (The Ocean)
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