Adrenaline Mob Reveal Video For 'Undaunted'

artist: Adrenaline Mob date: 01/20/2012 category: online downloads

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Adrenaline Mob Reveal Video For 'Undaunted'
Adrenaline Mob just released their video for "Undaunted", the first single off the supergroup's debut album, "Omert". Adrenaline Mob features vocalist Russell Allen (Symphony X), virtuoso guitarist Mike Orlando and the drum hero Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater). "Undaunted" is already getting some spins across the country at metal radio. Adrenaline Mob formed in 2011 when Orlando, who had been working on a collection of songs, approached Allen with a concept and idea for the band. Together they joined forces and refined those ideas. Allen then reached out to long-time friend Portnoy to see if he had any interest in playing with them. Portnoy jumped on-board and from the very first note, the chemistry and sound was apparent and the beast that is known as Adrenaline Mob was born. "Omert" will hit stores on March 13. The full track listing is as follows: 01. Undaunted 02. Psychosane 03. Indifferent 04. All On The Line 05. Hit The Wall 06. Feelin' Me 07. Come Undone (feat. Lzzy Hale) 08. Believe Me 09. Down To The Floor 10. Angel Sky 11. Freight Train Watch Adrenaline Mob's "Undaunted" video:
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