Amy Winehouse & Nas' Cherry Wine Duet

artist: Amy Winehouse date: 07/05/2012 category: online downloads

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Amy Winehouse & Nas' Cherry Wine Duet
Late British soul star Amy Winehouse is set for another posthumous return to the charts - a previously unreleased collaboration with rapper Nas is to feature on his upcoming album. The Rehab hitmaker was introduced to Nas by their mutual friend and producer Salaam Remi, and they teamed up to record Like Smoke, which was included on Lioness: Hidden Treasures, the first Winehouse project to be released following her sudden passing last year. This week, new vocals from the tragic singer surfaced online on the track Cherry Wine, taken from Nas' forthcoming album Life Is Good. "It's a bittersweet feeling to do something with her now that she's not here," Nas said about the track. "I'm happy the sweet part is that we do have the music, fans have new music from her. The bitter part is that she's no longer here to really give it to us and to really live her music and for us to see her smile and hear her voice."
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