Behemoth Posts New Song Online

artist: Behemoth date: 07/23/2009 category: online downloads

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Polish extreme metallers Behemoth are streaming a brand new track, "Shemhamforash", on their MySpace page. The song comes off the band's ninth full-length studio album, "Evangelion", which is scheduled for release on August 7 in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records and August 11 in North America through Metal Blade. The CD was mixed at Miloco Studios in London, England by Colin Richardson, who has previously worked with Machine Head, Slipknot, Napalm Death and Bullet For My Valentine, among many others. "Evangelion" track listing: 01.Daimonos 02.Shemaforash 03.Ov Fire And The Void 04.Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti 05.He Who Breeds Pestilence 06.The Seed Ov I 07.Alas, Lord Is Upon Me 08.Defiling Morality Ov Black God 09.Lucifer The digipack edition will include a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes footage and expanded artwork. "Shemhamforash" (music and lyrics by Nergal) Consumed By Tongues Ov Fire Burning Like Phlegethon Holy Gardens Reduced To Ash Extinguishing Light Ov Hope Bringing The End Ov The Days Words Ov My Gospel Scattered Sacrilegious Scorn Spat In Pale Creeds Thin Is The Line Between Pure Being And Pure Nothing My Sole Companion Woe To Thee! At My Command: Let The Blood Ov The Infants Flood The Streets Ov Bethelehem! O Ye Ov Little Faith With Ethics Rotten In A Moral Cage Dead Meat Thrown Down To The Worms To Feed Religious Tumor Corrupting Marrow Ov Repugnant Swirl At My Command: Let The Blood Ov The Infants Flood The Streets Ov Bethelehem! At My Command: Let The Heads Ov Samaritan Pave My Ways! Shemhamforash!!! [End of lyrics] According to Behemoth: "The Shemhamphorasch is an epithet for a 216-letter name of God discovered by medieval kabbalists in the book of Exodus by reading the letters of three verses in a specific order. The name is composed of 72 groups of three letters, each of these triplets being the name of an angel or intelligence. According to the magical tradition, King Solomon evoked 72 demons, confined them in a bronze vessel sealed by magical symbols, and obliged them to work for him. These demons are catalogued in various magical grimoires, most notably in Lemegeton, which gives descriptions of their powers, appearance and manner, as well as instructions for controlling them. These demons are shadows of the 72 angels of shemhamphorasch. Using their names and sigils, we are able to call on the various demons for various favors. Regardless of our opinions on subjectivity or objectivity of such a phenomenon, despite of our interpretative model of their existence, be it ontological (magicko-religious) or epistemological (magicko-scientific), certain things do happen. Demons and angels enable us to categorize life experience and to face it more consciously. Our life and art is not about providing you with ideology and persuade different 'isms.' It is a battle field for opposite forces, pangs of childbirth whose name will be Perfection." Behemoth is currently on the road as part of the second annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. The band is performing on the Hot Topic stage alongside Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy and Whitechapel.
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