Bring Me The Horizon In Onstage Brawl

artist: Bring Me the Horizon date: 10/05/2011 category: online downloads

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Hecklers at rock and roll shows have been a sporadic inevitability since Bob Dylan was met with cries of "Judas" when plugging in his electric guitar in 1966. For Bring Me The Horizon though, it was more than just insults flying at Monday's show in Salt Lake City; it seems that a few raised fist were thrown into the mix. According to NoiseCreep, the incident occurred after the British Metalcore quintent's front man Oli Skyes threw a bottle of water over a group of audience members who had thrown things at the band. Offering up the words "if you don't like our fking band, then go home" to the hecklers might have seemed like a reasonable suggestion. Apparently though, certain members of the audience didn't seem to agree with his sentiments, and as a fan filmed YouTube video shows, his words prompted a number of audience members to rush the stage while a handful of fights also broke out in the crowd. Although no one is certain of who instigated the brawl, some YouTube users have speculated that straight-edge kids are to blame, picking fights with those who didn't share their anti-drugs and alcohol policies. Bring Me The Horizon returned to the stage after the incident to play an abbreviated show and are set to continue the current leg of their tour in Mexico on October 6th. The band, who is on the road in support of their third record, There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret, is also due to tour with Machine Head in the UK in December.
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