Buckcherry 'Too Drunk' Video Available

artist: Buckcherry date: 07/11/2008 category: online downloads

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Buckcherry has released a "dirty viral video" for its new song "Too Drunk...". Watch it here. "Too Drunk..." made its way online late last week, with evidence suggesting that it was an intentional "leak" by the band's management. The track is a Buckcherry original and not a cover of the notorious tune "Too Drunk To Fuck" by hardcore act the Dead Kennedys. Buckcherry revealed late last week that the band's new album, titled "Black Butterfly", will be released on September 23. The title of the band's last effort, "15", was taken from the amount of days it took the group to record the CD. Singer Josh Todd told The Pulse of Radio that the band had a different reason for choosing "Black Butterfly". "We just thought it was a great iconic image," he said. "It was actually one of the songs that didn't make the record that we really liked. I've kind of been obsessed with butterflies lately and we just wanted to have, like, kind of an iconic image like we did on our first record, 'cause we always loved that first record cover, you know, and we've been trying to beat it since we started making records, you know." "Black Butterfly" will arrive almost a month earlier in Japan, on August 27. Buckcherry is currently on the road with Mtley Cre's Cre Fest tour, which stops on Wednesday (July 9) in Darien Center, New York. Buckcherry released "15" just over two years ago, beginning a comeback that saw the band play 300 shows and sell over one million copies of the record. Thanks for the report to Blabbermouth.net.
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