Bush: 'Baby Come Home' Video

artist: Bush date: 02/13/2012 category: online downloads

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Bush: 'Baby Come Home' Video
The new video for Bush's latest single "Baby Come Home", features Gavin Rossdale driving Morpheus' car, ballet dancing, and star shaped balloons. It's pretty random but still makes for a fun music video. Bush have released the follow-up to their #1 single "The Sound Of Winter" and for the video, they've strung together a bunch of seemingly random ideas, the largest of which being the band performing "Baby Come Home" in what appears to be a warehouse. The video reminds us of a question we used to ask about Bush's songs - What the hell is this about? The answer is the same one we came up with then - we don't know. The clip also had us asking these questions: What is up with the ballet sequence in the middle? Why does Gavin always wear his hair in a bun? Where did those balloons come from? What is that safety pin for on Gavin's shirt? Why does their guitarist put on a vest in the middle of the song? What kind of camera angle is that? Does Morpheus know the lead singer of Bush stole his car? You get the point. While we may never have those answers, we'll always have the music video for "Baby Come Home". Bush is currently on tour overseas but will return in April for a North American tour with Nickelback, Seether, and My Darkest Days click here for dates.
Thanks for the report to Banana1015.com.
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