Chevelle Stream Two New Songs From 'Hats Off To The Bull'

artist: Chevelle date: 12/01/2011 category: online downloads

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Chevelle Stream Two New Songs From 'Hats Off To The Bull'
Chevelle's new album "Hats Off To The Bull" may not be available for purchase yet, but the Chicago hard rock trio are offering up a sample of the goods ahead of the December 6th release date. Check out the new tunes "Hats Off To The Bull" and "Same Old Trip" right here. Chevelle are powering back with their sixth full-length studio album "Hats Off To The Bull", which is in stores next Tuesday. With just a week to go, the band decided to give fans a sneak peek at things to come. The band has kept a pretty tight lid on the new material until now - while touring with Bush and Filter the only song they performed from the new album was the already released "Face To The Floor". Clearly ready to kick the anticipation into full-on frenzy mode, Chevelle have leaked previews of two songs which hearken back to the heavier early days of the band - check out the title track "Hats Off To The Bull" and "Same Old Trip". Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull:
Chevelle - Same Old Trip:
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