Cosmo Jarvis Premieres 'Love This' Video

artist: Cosmo Jarvis date: 06/07/2012 category: online downloads

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Cosmo Jarvis Premieres 'Love This' Video
Cosmo Jarvis will release his new and third album "Think Bigger" on July 17th, via 25th Frame/ The End Records. If releasing your third album wasn't enough to be getting on with, Cosmo Jarvis has just finished his first full-length feature film, entitled "Naughty Room." Cosmo's music and films have made him an online phenomenon. His YouTube shorts, usually observational comedy skits about small town life, have been viewed almost three million times his contagious shanty single "Gay Pirates," beloved of Stephen Fry, picking up over a million Youtube hits alone. His last two albums, 2009's Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch and 2011's Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?, have seen him hightail between many musical styles, but with his new album Cosmo's decided to adhere to a singer-songwriter template tinged with alt-country sensibilities and a string section sourced from Ebay. This is Cosmo Jarvis, though, so it's never straightforward or predictable - everything is imprinted with his personality and imagination. "Think Bigger" Tracklisting: 01. Love This 02. Train Downtown 03. Tell Me Who To Be 04. Lacie 05. Sunshine 06. Good Citizen 07. Friend Of The Devil 08. Hopeless Bay 09. Whatever 10. Girl From My Village 11. Think Bigger
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