Danzig: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

artist: Danzig date: 06/22/2010 category: online downloads

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Danzig: Entire New Album Available For Streaming
The charismatic and complex singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig unleash his first new Danzig studio album in six years, "Deth Red Sabaoth", today, June 22 via Evilive/The End Records. Produced by Glenn, the CD was recorded in Los Angeles over the course of 2009. The 11-track collection, penned by Danzig, is laced with Glenn's lycanthropic growls and blues-infected wailing. Tracks including "Black Candy", "The Revengeful" and "On A Wicked Night" emit a spectral glow to rival the highest points in Danzig's colossal discography. Part I of the exquisite two-part "Pyre Of Souls" opens with acoustic guitar, haunting piano, Glenn's plainsong vocal, and an almost dirge-like feel; Part II explodes with electric guitars and a driving, mesmerizing cadence. "Deth Red Sabaoth" track listing: 01. Hammer Of The Gods (5:20) 02. The Revengeful (4:10) 03. Rebel Spirits (3:58) 04. Black Candy (4:08) 05. On A Wicked Night (4:02) 06. Deth Red Moon (3:58) 07. Ju Ju Bone (4:45) 08. Night Star Hel (6:42) 09. Pyre Of Souls (Incanticle) (3:18) 10. Pyre Of Souls (Seasons of Pain) (7:17) 11. Left Hand Rise Above (4:22) The entire album is now available for streaming at AOL Music. "I think that fans will really dig this new album," said Glenn. "I've been told several times that the album has a cool vitality to it, that it sounds energized, and I got that feeling when I was recording it. I wanted to have an organic sound, bigger and thicker, so I went out and bought some 1970's Kustom tuck 'n roll bass amps to play some of the guitar parts through. You'll hear real reverb, real tremolo on this album, which sounds completely different than the stuff that's done with computer chips." Read the entire article at Blabbermouth.net.
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