Dope: 'No Regrets' Streaming On UG Profiles!

artist: Dope date: 03/10/2009 category: online downloads

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Dope: 'No Regrets' Streaming On UG Profiles!
In the ever-changing world of rock music, one band has held a steady hand. Living in a world of their own design, and made for their fans, Dope has managed to lay waste to comparisons, musical or otherwise, since their creation a decade ago. The Chicago-based rockers have, in the words of their frontman and band namesake Edsel Dope, "seen it all." And it's this attitude from which the band draws upon on "No Regrets," their fifth album, and first for E1 Music (formerly known as Koch Records). Now you can stream the whole album exclusively on the band's official UG Profile! "'No Regrets' is not only a commentary on where we have been, but also where we are headed," says Dope. Layered with the signature sound that defines the band, "No Regrets" is a showcase in musicianship and songwriting that the band has honed over the years. The songs on "No Regrets" encompass the "kick in the rear and dare you to have fun" vibe that Dope fans have come to expect. The sex, dope, and rock n' metal energy oozes through "No Regrets" - much like the pentatonic scale runs through modern-day guitar hero Zakk Wylde's fingertips. Wylde, who first met the band when they supported his Black Label Society tour in 2007, makes an appearance on the first single, "Addiction." Other tracks like "Violence," "6 6 Sick," and "We Are" take us back to the root of the band's sound, but with an obvious shot of technical adrenaline. The dark and gloomy "My Funeral" and raunchy "Dirty World" are a somber change of pace, while "No Regrets" and bonus tracks, "Nothing For Me Here" and "I Don't Give A ...," continue to showcase the wide spectrum of influences that Dope drew from when creating this album. Enlisting video directors, Dale "Rage" Resteghini (MudVayne, Shadows Fall, Trivium, Unearth) and Kevin Custer (Kingdom Of Sorrow, Gas Light Anthem, Hatebreed) for "Addiction," the video is "an aggressively shot film that we are placing just about everywhere, so look for it now," says Dope. If that isn't enough, the band rolls out across North America on Black Label Society's "Black Label Bash," alongside Black Label Society and Sevendust beginning March 3rd in San Francisco. With all the early praises, it's clear asking if Dope indeed has no regrets is flat out unnecessary. As a musician this immersed in what he lives and breathes, he would never in a lifetime be so disingenuous to actually affix his latest and greatest work with that moniker if he indeed had. Dope's mission with "No Regrets" is simple "to release a record for the fans but also has enough hooks, energy and good times to engage a new group of disciples with each and every listen," says Dope.
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