Dream Theater Debut New Drummer

artist: Dream Theater date: 07/05/2011 category: online downloads

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Dream Theater Debut New Drummer
Dream Theater have performed for the first time with their new drummer Mike Mangini. The band debuted a brand new song during the show at Ippodromo Capannelle in Rome, Italy, called "On The Backs Of Angels". Mike was, of course, given time to demonstrate his skills with a drum solo, which you can see in the fan footage below. There's high praise within the band for the new drummer, with keyboardist Jordan Rudess talking about how they worked together in the studio: "We wrote songs and sent them to him. He came in and just nailed his parts. He's incredible. I'm finishing my keyboard parts right now, and I'll go to the computer to see how things are lining up, and I'm just speechless. The guy doesn't mess up!" Guitarist John Petrucci added, "People are not going to believe how great he is." Here's the set list for Mangini's debut with the band. Watch his drum solo below (mind the volume, it's a touchy recording) and let us know how he stacks up next to former drummer Mike Portnoy in the comments. 01. Under A Glass Moon 02. These Walls 03. Forsaken 04. Endless Sacrifice 05. Drum Solo 06. The Ytse Jam 07. Peruvian Skies 08. The Great Debate 09. On The Backs Of Angels 10. Caught In A Web 11. Through My Words 12. Fatal Tragedy 13. The Count Of Tuscany
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