Evans Blue Unveil New Song 'Halo'

artist: Evans Blue date: 12/14/2011 category: online downloads

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Evans Blue Unveil New Song 'Halo'
Evans Blue have been slowly giving us sneak peeks of their upcoming new album - the latest of which comes in the form of the second full song released from the still untitled disc - "Halo". Evans Blue are gearing up for the release of their second album with vocalist Dan Chandler, and the first with new drummer Mike McClure. Chandler explained the inspiration behind their latest track "Halo" to Revolver: "The song was written about a moment in my life when I felt things/people were being taken from me without reason. Something a lot of us have unfortunately had to deal with. Parker [Lauzon, guitarist] sent me the music when I was going through a hard time. Many questions. When you lose something important to you, it's almost like you can't stop your mind from revisiting the past. The song came to me quick because of the mood I had been in. It was a very medicinal writing for me... The song is personal and people close to me know me well, so they immediately understood what the song had to say. Definitely have had an overwhelming positive response." Evans Blue recently showed off some of their heavy-hitting new material during a gig at The Machine Shop here in Flint, Michigan - we'll have some of our conversation with the band for you later this week.
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