Fans Hail 'Insane' Gig As Muse Open European Tour In France

artist: Muse date: 10/17/2012 category: online downloads

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Fans Hail 'Insane' Gig As Muse Open European Tour In France
Muse kicked off their world tour in Montpellier, France last night revealing their spectacular new live show as well as playing rare songs from their early years watch fan-filmed footage of the gig below. The band, who released new album "The 2nd Law" earlier this year, performed at the Park & Suites Arena in Montpellier and opened their set with new song "Unsustainable". You can see a full setlist by scrolling down the page now. Other new songs played included the singles "Madness" and "Survival" as well as album tracks "Supremacy", "Panic Station" and "Animals". However, it was the band playing "Falling Down", taken from debut album "Showbiz" that impressed fans the most, as the track has not been seen on a setlist since 2000. As you can see on the setlist below, the song "Hysteria" is followed by a "Tornado/Pyramid reveal". This is reference to the huge prop Muse have introduced to their current tour. Discussing the meaning of the structure, Matt Bellamy says: "It's basically an upside-down pyramid which is a very symbolic gesture. A lot of people think the pyramid represents power structures, you know, in every walk of life. Anything from basic corporate structures with a top down system where CEOs take all the profit and get paid more than the people at the bottom, which is the kind of down to earth version, to the Illuminati, you know." He added: "The pyramid seems to represent the power structures of the world. Turning it upside down is a gesture as to what we think of that." Muse's European tour will reach the UK later in October. The gigs begin at Glasgow's SECC on October 24, before the band move onto London's O2 Arena for two shows on October 26 and 27. They then play Birmingham LG Arena on October 30 before finishing up at Manchester Arena on November 1. Tickets for the shows in London, Manchester and Birmingham will cost £55 each, with a booking fee of £5.50, with tickets for the show at Glasgow's SECC costing £47.50 with a booking fee of £4.75 per ticket. Muse will play: 10/24 - Glasgow SECC 10/26-27 - London O2 Arena 10/30 - Birmingham LG Arena 11/01 - Manchester Arena
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