Fugazi Remixes Go Viral

artist: Fugazi date: 07/13/2011 category: online downloads
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Fugazi Remixes Go Viral
Fugazi have long been a pioneering force in punk rock, influencing scores of bands and genres. They pretty much invented the post-hardcore genre, and even Blink-182 have confessed to stealing dozens of their guitar riffs. Now an enterprising pair of producers - Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy - have remixed Fugazi with hip hop masters Wu Tang Clan, under the inevitable title Wugazi. The result? It's good. Really good. Stacking up over 120,000 plays for their first upload only two weeks ago, the free release of the full mash-up has been posted today, and the reaction from alternative online press suggest it could become an unofficial contender for album of the year, with new Kerrang! editor James McMahon tweeted today that it was his "favourite record at the moment". Fugazi sadly went on an indefinite hiatus in 2002, with band members citing family commitments as the reason for their disbandment. They have not officially split, but there has been no suggestion of a reunion. It's not the first time the rock world has collided with the hip hop world. On two occasions, Jay-Z has been mixed with bands. First, Dangermouse from Gnarls Barkley blended Jay-Z's "Black Album" and The Beatles' "White Album", where the result was appropriately called "The Grey Album". More recently, another Jay-Z blend but this time with Radiohead was released under the moniker Jaydiohead. You can download the Wugazi album here. Thanks to Spartan Drive-By for the report.
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