Gene Simmons Dumped Live On TV

artist: Gene Simmons date: 06/15/2011 category: online downloads
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Gene Simmons Dumped Live On TV
Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and his long-term partner Shannon Tweed had a very public airing of their dysfunctional relationship on live TV this week. The pair were on The Today Show promoting their reality series when a tactless joke from Gene prompted Shannon to tell him to "f--k off" and walk from the set. "He's a pig and I don't like it", said Tweed as she removed her microphone. "I'm tired. I'm tired of his life." The singer is renown for his philandering with women, despite having a relationship and children with Shannon. This transcription from HenneMusic highlights the apparant bitterness between the couple: "It sounds like you have been together a long time", said Behar [the presenter] "and you [Gene] have your philandering ways, is that what I'm hearing?" Behar: "Is it true, Gene?" Simmons: "There have been." Bahr: "Are there any now?" Simmons: "Not right now." Behar: "Not right this minute because you're here." Tweed: "In what, the last month, would you say" Behar: "In the last month?" Simmons: "No." Tweed: "Congratulations." Ouch. The deal-breaker came when Gene jokes that his penis wasn't doing so well, hinting at the amount of sex he has had, prompting Shannon's exit from the set. Is this a real relationship breakdown, or exploitation of the media to promote their show? Decide for yourself in the clip below.
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