Go Behind The Scenes Of Steve Miller Band's Upcoming Tour

artist: Steve Miller Band date: 06/03/2010 category: online downloads

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The Steve Miller Band will tour in support of their new album, Bingo!, this summer, and the legendary guitar player is giving fans the chance to get a behind the scenes look at the remarkable stage set-up. The video includes a look at the Joker's amazing guitar collection and how the set designer took Steve Miller's love of the guitar and music to create a one of a kind stage design. While the Steve Miller Band will be playing the band's classic rock anthems "Fly Like An Eagle," "The Joker," "Rock 'n Me," "Take The Money And Run," and "Abracadabra" on tour, Miller will also perform a number of tracks from Bingo! that echo his early days on the Chicago Blues scene. Bingo! will be released on June 15th in 2 formats: a 10-track digipack CD and a special edition with 4 bonus tracks and expanded artwork. The album's artwork is a creation of Storm Thorgerson whose album packages for Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are the gold standard in artistic design. In other news, the Steve Miller Band is giving away a Fender Stratocaster autographed by the legendary Steve Miller himself. For your chance to win this one of a kind collectible, head over to TouchTunes to enter. Watch the behind the scenes video right here and find out where you catch the Steve Miller Band on tour this summer at their official website.
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