God Lives Underwater Vocalist Goes 'Inside'

artist: God Lives Underwater date: 06/03/2004 category: online downloads

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God Lives Underwater vocalist David Reilly will release his debut solo EP, Inside, on June 15th through Corporate Punishment Records. Inside, Reilly's most literal and personal work to date, chronicles his ten year battle with substance abuse, loss, love, and reinvention. "I made these songs after quitting a lifelong addiction, and deciding to quit music to pursue a career in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Upon picking up a guitar for the first time in almost 3 years, I had songs, and I borrowed gear to make them into finished product. I was actually surprised that I could still make an attempt at music without substances, and the rest came in the form of the rooster." - The "Rooster" being Reilly's manager and longtime friend, Thom Hazaert, who helped David pave his way back into the record racks. All of Inside's tracks were written, recorded and performed entirely by DR in the most minimalist of settings ("Roland 505, one acoustic guitar, one mic, and a cheap digital multitrack"), with the notable exception of "Blaming The Truth", and "Far From Home", earlier demo tracks which had made the internet rounds under the moniker Fluzee (the former featuring production from Reilly's GLU cohort Jeff Turzo.) The EP, which will initially only be available via the internet, is currently available for pre-order. "Keep Dreaming", and "1 Ft. In The Grave", the first 2 tracks from the EP, can be previewed on the label's pre-order site, located here. Reilly is currently writing, and will spend the Summer working on his debut full-length, expected to surface in early 2005. In other GLU news, the duo's long-awaited 3rd full length, "Up Off The Floor", their first since 1998's breakthrough "Life In The So Called Space Age", is scheduled to hit stores later this summer through Megaforce/Locomotive Records. The 10 song set originally slated for 2000 release on 1500/Interscope/A&M, will end the group's 6 year studio silence.
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