Hadouken: 'Turn Out The Lights' EP Listening Party

artist: Hadouken! date: 01/19/2010 category: online downloads

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Hadouken: 'Turn Out The Lights' EP Listening Party
Today, January 19, the young British dance rock band Hadouken! release their second EP "Turn Out The Lights". Head over to the band's UG Profile to listen to the tracks now! "Turn Out The Lights" EP track listing is as follows: 01. Turn Out the Lights (Album Version) 02. Turn Out the Lights (Spor Remix) 03. Turn Out the Lights (JFB Remix) 04. Turn Out the Lights (Kitch n'Sync Dub Remix) You can also check out the video for "Turn Out The Lights" on UG.TV. Hadouken! return with their hugely-anticipated second album, "For The Masses", on February 2, 2010. The follow-up to 2008's "Music For An Accelerated Culture", their 100,000 selling debut album, "For The Masses" was recorded in Groningen, Holland with gilded Dutch electronic producers Noisia and is released on Hadouken!'s own Surface Noise Recordings. "For The Masses" is a landmark modern dance-rock album that cements Hadouken!'s reputation as Britain's most forward-thinking and dynamic young band. "We know what our fans want," says singer James Smith. "They want it hard and they want it fast. I want this record to sound good over a 1000 kilowatt sounds system or on a Nokia phone on the back of a bus. We don't want to discriminate. We just want to make immediate contact." Don't be surprised if "For The Masses" sounds a bit like the spirit of Rage Against The Machine is being channeled through the Prodigy. "I got into Rage Against The Machine after the first album," says Smith, "and wondered if you could mix the impact of their guitars with what The Prodigy do. They're both key influences."
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