Hollywood Undead Premiere 'Dove & Grenade' On MySpace

artist: Hollywood Undead date: 11/09/2009 category: online downloads

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Hollywood Undead has teamed up with MySpace Music to exclusively premiere their new single "Dove & Grenade." The track is taken from their upcoming CD/DVD, Desperate Measures, that will release online and in stores on Tuesday, November 10th. But that's not all; the 6 crazy MC's premiered the live video of "Black Dahlia" at their MySpace page on Sunday. Take a listen to the new single "Dove & Grenade" here and pre-order Desperate Measures before it drops online and in stores on 11/10. Hollywood Undead have also posted live video footage of "No Other Place". The band's high energy performance gives fans a peek at what they can expect on 11/10 when the CD/DVD package releases online and in stores. Desperate Measures includes 6 live records, 6 new studio recordings and 60 minutes of Hollywood Undead live and uncut.
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