I Am Abomination: 'Transformation' Song Stream On UG

artist: I Am Abomination date: 07/06/2011 category: online downloads

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I Am Abomination: 'Transformation' Song Stream On UG
I Am Abomination is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their brand new digital EP, Passion Of The Heist, on July 19th, 2011. The digital EP is being released by Good Fight Music, the same label that released I Am Abomination's first critically acclaimed full-length album, To Our Forefathers. A new single from the digital EP will be released via the band's official Facebook page on June 8th. Stay tuned for further announcements about this debut. Meanwhile, listen to the song "Transformation" from the upcoming EP on the band's UG Profile. Passion Of The Heist is described by the band as a concept album, and was produced, written, engineered, mixed and mastered by guitarist Nick Sampson. The EP was also recorded at Nick Sampson's studio in New Boston, MI. All lyrics on Passion Of The Heist were written by Brandon Good. The band plans on releasing new information about the concept of the EP with the release of the new single. Passion Of The Heist includes guest appearances, including an appearance by Attack Attack's Caleb Shomo on the track "Ascension". "We've had such an amazing time putting hard work into this album, and we can't wait for people to hear it," states vocalist Phil Druyor. Guitarist Nick Sampson adds, "This is the first time we've ever sat down to write an album with no outside opinion, and it turned out awesome." Tracklisting: 01. Vivification 02. Abduction 03. Examination 04. Transformation 05. Ascension (ft.Caleb Shomo of Attack Attack) 06. Invasion I Am Abomination's first full length album, To Our Forefathers, can be purchased on iTunes here.
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