Jack White: Full Concert Video Streaming Online

artist: Jack White date: 04/30/2012 category: online downloads

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Jack White: Full Concert Video Streaming Online
Jack White performed live in New York on Friday night in support of his new album "Blunderbuss". Now, the full concert (directed by none other than Commissioner Gordon himself Garry Oldman!) is streaming online below. The concert features Jack White playing with both his "girl" and "boy" groups in a set that encompasses his whole playing career: (with girl band) 01. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground 02. Missing Pieces 03. Freedom At 21 04. Love Interruption 05. Hotel Yorba 06. Two Against One 07. Top Yourself 08. I'm Slowly Turning Into You 09. Blue Blood Blues 10. Take Me With You When You Go (with boy band) 11. Sixteen Saltines 12. Cut Like A Buffalo 13. Weep Themselves To Sleep 14. Trash Tongue Talker 15. You Know That I Know 16. Were Going To Be Friends 17. Hypocritical Kiss 18. Hello Operator 19. Carolina Drama 20. Seven Nation Army 21. Goodnight, Irene It's been a good week for White, whose solo album "Blunderbuss" has entered the UK album chart at number one according to the NME. His record has knocked Adele's "21" from the top spot, reportedly outselling that album two to one. White, who has stated in an interview that he already has 12 songs lined up for his second record, is happy to be using his solo tour to reinvent his back catalogue: "There's songs that White Stripes never really played live, or Raconteurs never really got that into, or songs that I brought to the table in a band songs like 'Buffalo' and now I can elaborate on them... [The tour] needs to be alive in the moment. It has to be something new to everybody on stage, it can't be some recreation of something from years ago. I don't wanna waste my time doing that".
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