John 5 Talks Gear With Guitar World

artist: John 5 date: 06/30/2008 category: online downloads

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views: 228 recently conducted an interview with Rob Zombie/ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5. Click here to watch John discussing his new signature model and some of the models in his extensive Telecaster collection. John 5 was a guest on the "Maximum Threshold" show on May 13. John 5 spoke about his new solo album, "Requiem", which was released on June 3 via 60 Cycle Hum. He said that this new record was different from the other albums, for which he did most of the work himself, and that the new CD's style is more intense. He stated, "it is a really, really crazy-sounding record. The record actually sounds like a symphony. Some songs were actually 14 minutes long and [I] had to put ID markers in the middle of the song because they were so long." He added, "The songs are absolutely insane. If you like crazy guitars and music that has everything in it, including the kitchen sink. There will be intense guitar shredding, bluegrass, classical, swing and every kind of avenue in this record and that it is really over the top." You can now download the program as audio file at this location. John 5 performs all instruments with the exception of the time-keeping by Zombie bandmate Tommy Clufetos (drums). The album was recorded in the middle of night that lent a cool vibe and only time John 5 had studio times. Thanks for the info to
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