Kaiser Chiefs: 'On The Run' Video

artist: Kaiser Chiefs date: 03/26/2012 category: online downloads

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Kaiser Chiefs: 'On The Run' Video
The Kaiser Chiefs aren't afraid to give their fans a little sugar. Literally. While frontman Ricky Wilson may have some complicated relationships with his old high-school classmates, he has no problem shelling out candy for his supporters. Just watch their new video "On The Run", from their "Start The Revolution Without Me" album, for evidence. "When our first record came out, I think the reason we had such success was that, for the first time in a while, here was a band who looked like they wanted to be there. I think people embraced that. Because we did really want to be there," Wilson recently told Spinner, a quote that explains the group's generosity in this clip. "We were like five over-excited puppies." While most of the video is standard rock concert fare - lights, posturing, screaming fans - you'll also get an inside look at the making of the candy, which starts out looking a little like the pink slime from "Ghostbusters 2". Enjoy it below!
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