Kasabian Incite Giant Cushion Fight

artist: Kasabian date: 07/06/2012 category: online downloads

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Kasabian Incite Giant Cushion Fight
A giant cushion fight took place at Kasabian's show on July 4 in Lyon's Theatre Romain.

Scroll down to watch a video of the cushion chucking chaos, shot on guitarist Serge Pizzorno's phone.

Apparently the cushion throwing is a tradition at the French venue, which is an old stone seated amphitheatre. Normally the cushions are chucked in the air at the end of an evening's event, but the overexcited fans began tossing them about during the band's rendition of "LSF."

Writing on the band's blog at kasabianlive.com after the show, Pizzorno said:

"The arena was older than Jesus!!! Doesn't get any bigger than that. It was an incredible show and during 'LSF' when the cushions were thrown onto the stage it was magical. Vive Lyon! Sergio x"

Watching the video, you can see that at one point, Pizzorno gets hit by a flying cushion.

Thanks for the report to Nme.com.

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