Leaked Limp Bizkit Song 'Sounds Like Rihanna'

artist: Limp Bizkit date: 10/29/2012 category: online downloads

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Leaked Limp Bizkit Song 'Sounds Like Rihanna'
A new Limp Bizkit video co-directed by Fred Durst has been derided for sounding "like a Rihanna power ballad." You can hear it in the player below. The song "Lightz" is the first glimpse of the new Limp Bizkit sound after signing to Lil' Wayne's label Cash Money after parting ways with Interscope last year. In an interview during the shooting of the video, frontman Fred Durst said that signing to Cash Money was "incredible." "These guys, once they bring you into the family, they empower you to be yourself and to do what you want it is that you do," he told AXS. "I definitely feel like we're still contenders with this new music." It's an unusual statement to make considering their stark change in style, complete with heavy auto-tune and a pop chorus. The magazine MetalHammer has already labelled it as "a Rihanna power ballad." It is unclear what the official title to the song is. Fred Durst acknowledges it a "Lightz" on his twitter page when confirming it had leaked early, but the video upload uses the title "City Of Angels". According to the above interview, the song had already changed title three times. "I think it's called Beautiful," Durst said at the time.
Hear the new Limp Bizkit song here:
What do you think of their new direction? Was singing to a rap label a smart move? Share your opinion in the comments.
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