Listen To Muse's Olympic Anthem

artist: Muse date: 06/28/2012 category: online downloads

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Listen To Muse's Olympic Anthem
A new Muse track from their forthcoming album "The 2nd Law" has been selected as the official anthem for the London 2012 Olympics. "Survival" doesn't feature dubstep as previewed elsewhere on the album, but appears inspired by Queen anthems. It's as if the intro has those slow-motion athlete montages in mind. Speaking to BBC Radio 1, the band said: "The song will be played throughout the Games including when athletes enter the stadium, in the lead up to the medal ceremony and also as the theme for all international TV coverage." Frontman Matt Bellamy said the song was "about total conviction and pure determination to win." "It's a huge honor to have the track chosen as such a major part of the London 2012 Olympic Games," Bellamy added. "I wrote it with the games in mind as it expresses a sense of conviction and determination to win." Hear "Survival" in the player below:
The album "The 2nd Law" is scheduled for a release on September 17. "Survival" is available now from iTunes. What do you think of the new Muse track? Are they doing London proud with the anthem? Share your rating of the song in the comments.
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