Lita Ford: New Song Available For Streaming

artist: Lita Ford date: 05/10/2012 category: online downloads

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Lita Ford: New Song Available For Streaming
According to, "Branded", a brand new song from '80s hard rock queen Lita Ford, can be streamed here (courtesy of AOL's Noisecreep). The track comes off Lita's new album, "Living Like A Runaway", which will be released on June 19 in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. The effort will be available in four configurations: a double LP, limited edition CD, standard CD and digital download. The artwork for the album was created by famed rock photographer Mark Weiss. Standard jewel case version tracklisting: 01. Branded 02. Hate 03. The Mask 04. Living Like A Runaway 05. Relentless 06. Mother 07. Devil In My Head 08. Asylum 09. Love 2 Hate U 10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By Lita Ford has teamed up with producer Gary Hoey and lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig to work on "Living Like a Runaway". Together the team invested a lot of time and effort into this kick-a-s project. "We worked on the lyrics intensively to really give the songs a lot of meaning and that special emotional depth," says Lita. "I think that these are some of the best lyrics ever, period." Ford is referring to numbers such as "Devil In My Head", "Hate" and "The Asylum", which see her bare her soul in a way which she has never done before. Unlike many albums today, "Living Like A Runaway" is an album that truly must be heard in its entirety from start to finish. "Listeners shouldn't pick out individual tracks but listen to the full album," says Ford. "It's a fascinating musical journey, inspired by Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. I had seen a documentary about 'Dark Side Of The Moon' and it really motivated me to focus on 'Living Like A Runaway' as a whole journey rather just an individual song." Coinciding with the album's release, Lita will hit the road this summer with Def Leppard and Poison on the "Rock Of Ages Tour". Lita is looking forward to the tour and getting to play the new songs live. "We are honored with this awesome tour and being able to play with these brilliant musicians," she says. "So strap in tight, it's going to be one powerful journey." Best known for her work with The Runaways and her solo career, including hit singles "Kiss Me Deadly" and the Billboard-charting duet with Ozzy Osbourne, "Close My Eyes Forever", Lita is ready to make a return to the throne as the queen of metal. "Living Like A Runaway" represents a return to form for Lita, who drew inspiration from her "ugly divorce" from Nitro singer Jim Gillette. "Gary Hoey and I wanted to approach this record by getting back to basics," she said. "We want to strip away all the electronics and plug-ins and keep it to vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Going back to basics is going back to what punk, metal and The Runaways was for me." She added, "[The album title] 'Living Like A Runaway' means freedom and empowerment. To do what I want and to pursue my dreams while answering to no one." In a 2011 interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Lita said that "Living Like A Runaway" will be her "real comeback album". She explained, "The last album I did was called 'Wicked Wonderland', I put it out with Jim Gillette, and we were married at the time. It is kind of a Jim/Lita album and not a really true Lita album. I got a lot of spiel about that. A lot of people have told me that they want a real Lita album, and I know what they mean. They are going to get it." She continued, "I really wasn't that comfortable with 'Wicked Wonderland' - not at all, to tell you the truth. There are parts of it that are good but it doesn't sound like a Lita record. When it got released, a lot of my fans felt weird about it and said it wasn't a Lita album. This time I want to do it on my own. The last one turned out to be more of a Jim album. We worked pretty well together. It doesn't suck, it's not a bad album; it's just not a Lita album." Lita and Jim are the parents of two sons, Rocco and James.
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