Mushroomhead Post New Song

artist: Mushroomhead date: 09/18/2006 category: online downloads

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Mushroomhead have posted another song called "Tattoo" which can be heard here. The band recently debuted their first single "Simple Survival" on several stations across the USA. At KRQR, it was a "David and Goliath" story of arguably the biggest commercial rock band in the USA going up against an arsty metal band. Mushroomhead's "Simple Survival" went up against Evanescence's "Call Me When You're Sober" on KRQR's "Cockfight" on August 24, which left Mushroomhead the clear winner and champ. "It feels really good this time around. Radio seems to really dig it. And it's a new chapter in our evolution. There are sounds on this album that sound so melodic, yet brutal and huge. The album is quite diverse, yet retains a Mushroomhead dynamic," says drummer Skinny. Their new album Savior Sorrow shall be released on September 19, 2006. Their prior album, XIII, entered the Billboard chart at # 40 and sold 200,000 in the USA and 400,000 worldwide. Savior Sorrow was produced by Steve Felton and Mushroomhead at Cleveland's Filthy Hands Studios in April 2006. The visionary masked band combines theatrics with a mixture of rock, metal and atmospheric elements. The band will begin a world tour starting September 20, 2006 in Cleveland Ohio. For more information, please visit:,
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