New Tom Morello Song "We Are The 99%" Available For Streaming

artist: Tom Morello date: 10/02/2012 category: online downloads

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New Tom Morello Song
Tom Morello continues his support of the Occupy movement with a new anthem dedicated to the 99%, featuring Serj Tankian and Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath. "We Are The 99%" is available as a free download in exchange for your email, and you can preview the song in the link below. "I wanted to create a song that felt like it's powerful and as exciting as the global Occupation movement feels to me", Morello told KROQ (via Antiquiet). "It's supposed to be a song that sounds like the dam is breaking. Like there's a jail break and the dam is breaking at the same time". Morello's support of the Occupy movement has been clear since they took up camp together on Wall Street last year. He recently paid tribute to them with a free concert there and called on its supporters to keep the ball moving: "The people who were in the streets... their ideas haven't gone away", he said at the concert. "The mistrust and resentment towards the status quo hasn't gone away. How it manifests itself in the months and years to come will determine the ultimate success or failure of the movement". Hear "We Are The 99%" by Tom Morello featuring Serj Tankian and Tim McIlrath below.
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