Obscure Guitarist Becomes YouTube Megastar

artist: Jon Gomm date: 02/06/2012 category: online downloads

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Obscure Guitarist Becomes YouTube Megastar
A relatively unknown guitarist (but old UG favourite) Jon Gomm has hit the big time after a video of his went viral. Now his song "Passionflower" has been seen by millions, after a tweet from popular British comedian and writer Stephen Fry shared a link to the performance with one word: "Wow." Speaking exclusively to Ultimate Guitar, Jon says his life has changed a lot since the video found popularity last week. He has been invited to play venues across the world, and has made several prominent TV appearances - something he wasn't used to while building a cult following across Europe. "My natural home is on a stage, not in front of a camera," he insists. "But basically I'm still me ... I just get recognised in the street sometimes now." Jon eschews the traditional record industry for independence, letting fans pay any price they want for his music. While he has built a reputation in musician circles for years, and high praise from guitar magazines, his recent surge in popularity serves as proof that musicians can make it alone if they have the will and dedication to work hard. "There's always low points every so often for any artist, whether it's a bad gig or struggling to write new tunes," he tells us. "I never questioned my choice though, because it's always been job for me since I was a kid ... I'm lucky that I can make my own music for a living now, but I don't take that for granted." Jon began practicing guitar as a two year old, and later took lessons from renown guitarists including Walter Trout and Bob Brozman. His father, a music critic, would give the touring musicians a bed for the night on condition that they gave a young Jon free lessons. He only uses only one acoustic guitar, which he affectionately calls Wilma. "I was trying to find a used Lowden, so a I searched through back issues of magazines, and eventually found one in a 3-year-old issue. "I called the guy and he still had it! But he was in a city 300 miles away from me. I spoke to my dad that night on the phone and told him about this guitar, and he said 'Oh that's a coincidence, I'm going to that city tomorrow!' So he picked it up for me." Their union, he says, was fate. Before parting, Jon gave the UG community some advice on how to finally achieve their dreams of a career in music: "The way to get a career in music isn't to be a rock star. They are rare, and it's probably the hardest road with some great rewards but some huge personal costs too. The real way is to be a great, versatile musician who can play lots of styles, read music, improvise, entertain, whatever. "Being able to play eight-finger-and-nose-tapping solos at 300 beats per minute while crowd surfing is a pretty useless skill. Obviously I can do that though. Easy." Jon's relentless tour schedule can be found at JonGomm.com, where his music can be bought for any price you want, including for free. Watch his viral video for "Passionflower" right here:
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