Orgy: New Single Available For Streaming

artist: Orgy date: 09/03/2012 category: online downloads

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Orgy: New Single Available For Streaming
Orgy, the reactivated "death pop" band from California, is preparing to release "Grime Of The Century", Blabbermouth reports. Its first new single in over seven years. The track, which was recorded at NRG Recording and Entourage studios in North Hollywood, California, will be made available digitally on September 4 and as a physical CD on September 10. Orgy will promote the single release by embarking on three-to-five-week tour in November. Additional dates in "major markets" will take place at the end of 2012 and in early 2013. "Grime Of The Century" is available for streaming at Several photos from the studio can be found at Orgy canceled the last five shows of its spring "Bad Blood Tour 2012" "due to high demand for new music." Joining vocalist and sole remaining original member Jay Gordon in Orgy's new lineup are Carlton Bost (Deadsy, The Dreaming, Lunarclick) on guitar, Ashburn Miller (Deadsy) on guitar, Nic Speck (Run Run Run) on bass and Jamie Miller (Snot, The Start) on drums. In a recent interview with Icon Vs. Icon, Gordon was asked what the catalyst was for rebooting and moving forward with the project. "Ya know, it had just been too long," he said. "I was really interested in getting back out on the road. That was the first thing I wanted to do. It had been so long, I just wanted to get out there, brush the rust off and roll with it to see what happens. To do that you have to have a band and start playing gigs right away and that is exactly what I did." On the topic of Orgy's new members, Jay said, "The new lineup is amazing! I don't plan on looking back, let's put it that way, they are that good. They are all amazing artists. Both guitar players, Carlton Bost and Ashburn Miller, came from Deadsy. The bass player, Nic Speck came from Run Run Run. The drummer, Jamie Miller, is from Snot and The Start. He is an amazing drummer! All of the guys are truly amazing performers and we get along great."
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