Our Lady Peace: 'Curve' Listening Party

artist: Our Lady Peace date: 04/16/2012 category: online downloads

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Our Lady Peace: 'Curve' Listening Party
Our Lady Peace have proven fighters in the two decades since they formed in Toronto, a fitting theme for "Heavyweight," the first single from their latest studio album, Curve. Listen to Our Lady Peace's new album on the band's UG Profile! "This is the record we've been trying to make for the past 10 years. There's something to be said about being beaten up and being able to dust yourself off and get back in the ring," says vocalist/lyricist and founding member Raine Maida about the new album. Curve is the result of the band taking creative and artistic risks with their proven methods, featuring such dynamic new songs such as "Mettle," "Fire In The Henhouse," "Window Seat," and "Rabbits." "While writing for Curve the focus was on being musically brave," states bassist Duncan Coutts. "It became the mantra in our sessions." "This feels the most like it did in the early days," says drummer Jeremy Taggart, who has been with the band from the start, since he was 17. "We just tried to let our ideas flow without worrying about radio or anything like that. It's easier to be creative when you let something grow naturally as opposed to trying to fit in into something." Tracklisting: 01. Allowance 02. Fire In The Henhouse 03. Heavyweight 04. Window Seat 05. As Fast As You Can 06. If This Is It 07. Will Someday Change 08. Find Our Way 09. Rabbits 10. Mettle
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