Parkway Drive: New Song Released

artist: Parkway Drive date: 05/31/2010 category: online downloads

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Australia's Parkway Drive have given fans a sneak preview of their new album, by uploading the track "Sleepwalker" to this location. It is the first song taken from the new album "Deep Blue" to be uploaded online. The album was tracked and mixed in Los Angeles by Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Bad Religion, Tool) and is the follow-up to 2007's "Horizons". "Deep Blue" is the bands third studio album. According to the band's MySpace, "'Deep Blue' raises the bar in every conceivable way. While maintaining the band's uncompromising metallic-hardcore style at its core, it pushes into exciting new realms, drawing from a wider scope of influence, incorporating everything from anthemic punk to bloodcurdling death metal." Vocalist and lyricist Winston McCall stated: "It's basically about the search for truth in a world that seems to be devoid of that. The story is told through the eyes of a man who wakes up and realises that his life is a lie and nothing he believes in is real. So he tries to find the truth within himself and his journey takes him to the bottom of the ocean and back again." "Deep Blue" will be released via Epitaph records (USA & Canada), Resist (Australia & New Zealand) and Burning Heart (Europe). The album will be first released in Australia and New Zealand on June 25th, with the rest of the world having to wait until June 28th (Europe) and June 29th (USA & Canada).
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