Prince: Hear Unreleased Song From 1982

artist: Prince date: 06/25/2012 category: online downloads

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Prince: Hear Unreleased Song From 1982
It's a good day to be a Prince fan someone, somewhere has just leaked an unreleased track from 1982, and we've got it here for you.

According to, Lust U Always was originally recorded in 1982, around the same time that sessions for the 1999 LP were going on.

While the track was never used for any Prince record, His Royal Badness did end up offering it to Mr. Robert Palmer in the late 80s but the singer turned it down.

Filled with all the trademarks of the Minneapolis sound, Lust U Always would have fit perfectly on 1999. For whatever reason it was simply not meant to be, but it has now arrived for us all to listen.

Check it out:

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