Puddle Of Mudd Release New Single

artist: Puddle of Mudd date: 08/02/2011 category: online downloads

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Puddle Of Mudd's version of The Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter" will be the first single from their forthcoming album re:(disc)overed. The track will be made available on iTunes beginning August 2nd. The band's new album, re:(disc)overed, lands on August 30th. For this release, Puddle Of Mudd dig back into their own past for the songs that turned them on to becoming musicians in the first place. re:(disc)overed includes such classics as AC/DC's "TNT," Steve Miller's "The Joker," Elton John's "Rocket Man," the Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty duet "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (which Puddle Of Mudd recorded with BC Jean), Neil Young's "Old Man," and of course the first single, "Gimmie Shelter." The album finds Puddle Of Mudd tackling classic rock songs as only they know how. "Our goal in interpreting these songs was to pay more tribute rather than reinvent," Phillips added. "These are all classics that are perfect in every sense, so who are we to mess with that? We just wanted to represent them in their true form and add a little of our sound to them. We cut everything with very few takes and tried to keep it very live like those old seventies records. We didn't want to Pro Tool the hell out of it." Puddle Of Mudd will take part in the Rock Allegiance Tour which begins on August 24th in Dallas. The tour also features Buckcherry, Papa Roach, P.O.D., Red, Crossfade and Drive A. Over the past decade the band have sold over 6 million albums worldwide and collected nine Top 20 rock hits including seven, which went straight to #1 on the charts. Puddle Of Mudd's impact at rock radio over the past decade is undeniable. Track Listing For re:(disc)overed 01. Gimme Shelter 02. Old Man 03. T.N.T. 04. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 05. The Joker 06. Everybody Wants You 07. Rocket Man 08. All Right Now 09. Shooting Star 10. D'yer Maker 11. Funk #49
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