Radiohead: 8-Bit Remixes Go Viral

artist: Radiohead date: 05/23/2012 category: online downloads

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Radiohead: 8-Bit Remixes Go Viral
An ambitious Radiohead fan has turned two of their classic albums into 8-bit masterpieces. "OK Computer" and "Kid A" were both converted into video game-style music by Quinton Sung, and posted to YouTube where almost 150,000 have enjoyed the re-imagined albums. 8-bit music, sometimes called chiptunes, hark back to early games consoles which generated game soundtracks on 8-bit chips. As technology improved, creative tinkerers could get the older 8-bit hardware for very little money, sparking a scene of musicians who would challenge themselves to create music with their limited musical palette. Over the decades, a sense of nostalgia kicked in and the chiptune scene became more popular with some artists touring their 8-bit creations around the world, often using a rig of gameboys running into effects units. In the early 2000s, an old Game Boy music sequencer called LittleSoundDJ began to fetch high prices on eBay for its ability to sequence chiptune music, and 8-bit bass sounds hit the mainstream in the UK when Grime music such as Dizzee Rascal made the charts. Listen to Radiohead "OK Computer" in 8-bit:
Listen to Radiohead "Kid A" in 8-bit:
Have you heard any other great 8-bit remixes? We remember a version of "43% Burnt" by Dillinger Escape Plan which rocked, and if anyone played the classic RPG "Final Fantasy VII", the Sephiroth theme "One Winged Angel" could be the most terrifying chiptune composition in history. Check them out.
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