Rammstein: 'Mein Land' Video

artist: Rammstein date: 11/14/2011 category: online downloads

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Rammstein: 'Mein Land' Video
You don't really know Till Lindemann until you've seen him prancing on the sand in a Hawaiian shirt. German industrial metallers Rammstein are a fun couple of dudes, as evidenced by their penchant for pyrotechnics and cinematic video epics. Their latest clip for "Mein Land" takes it back to a 1964 Southern California beach party with merry babes in bikinis, later turning into a nighttime, fire-filled, lesbian-esque fight club. The video was created by the renowned Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund who has previously worked with Metallica, Satyricon, Ozzy Osbourne and The Prodigy. The band, according to nifty interpretations from Reddit, is donning Swiss tourist drag ... perhaps. Paired with the "Where are you going? There's no space here anymore, this is my land!" lyrics, it's a parodic dig at European xenophobia. The "Mein Land" single officially drops on November 14 as four-track release via iTunes bunched with previously unreleased song "Vergiss Uns Nicht", remixes from BossHoss and Mogwai, and the "Mein Land" video and a digital booklet. It will also be available on Amazon with fewer trimmings. Come December 6th, Rammstein will release their long-awaited retrospective set "Made In Germany 1995 - 2011" through Universal Germany's marketing and distribution deal in the U.S. with Vagrant Records. Watch Rammstein's new "Mein Land" video:
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