Red: 'Until We Have Faces' Listening Party On UG

artist: RED date: 02/02/2011 category: online downloads

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Red: 'Until We Have Faces' Listening Party On UG
Essential Records' two time Grammy-nominated hard rock outfit Red packs a potent sonic punch on its third project, Until We Have Faces, a record that leaps out of the speakers with a ferocity and complexity reflecting the band's growth and intensity. The new album was released February 1, 2011. Listen to "Until We Have Faces" in its entirety now on the band's UG Profile! From the opening seconds of "Feed The Machine" through the final, contemplative moments of "Hymn For The Missing," the four-man unit of vocalist Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong, bassist Randy Armstrong and drummer Joe Rickard shows both maturity and abandon can coexist within the various dimensions of rock Red inhabits. The new album's overarching theme is a search for true identity, inspired by a number of sources, including author C.S. Lewis' book of similar title, Till We Have Faces. The band itself is working through its own new identity - as a four-piece with the addition of drummer Rickard. Until We Have Faces takes listeners down the path of recognizing the hollowness of life until finding their true identity (revealed on "Faceless"), the idea of creative destruction unveiled in the midst of new life (found on "Let It Burn"), and simultaneously presenting the positive energy found even "in a world so cold" (explored on the infectious, melodic ballad "Not Alone"). Paired again with award-winning producer Rob Graves, Until We Have Faces features Red in its most musically intense place to date - "a combination of our first two records, but on steroids," Michael Barnes notes - daring both Red and its fans to catapult into new rock territories. The band's first single, "Faceless" goes for adds at Rock formats on Dec. 31, continuing Red's powerful presence at radio. "Until We Have Faces" Tracklisting: 01. Feed The Machine 02. Faceless 03. Lie To Me (Denial) 04. Let It Burn 05. Buried Beneath 06. Not Alone 07. Watch You Crawl 08. The Outside 09. Who We Are 10. Best Is Yet To Come 11. Hymn For The Missing
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