Rise Against Reveal Hurricane Katrina-Inspired 'Help Is On The Way' Video

artist: Rise Against date: 03/24/2011 category: online downloads

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Rise Against's video for new song "Help Is On The Way", the first single from recent album "Endgame", is being hosted. Watch the video here. The video features footage of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans in 2005. It was directed by Alan Ferguson. The band said in a statement: "Our film crew went to New Orleans and filmed what became a dramatic and compelling narrative of Hurricane Katrina through the eyes of a family". They added: "As a band, we opted out of being a part of the piece for fear our role might diminish the importance of this video and skew it's reception". "What follows is another video we are proud to put our name on". Thanks for the report to NME.com.
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