Soundgarden Reveal Artwork And Trailer For 'King Animal'

artist: Soundgarden date: 09/17/2012 category: online downloads

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Soundgarden Reveal Artwork And Trailer For 'King Animal'
Grunge legends Soundgarden have launched a trailer and unveiled the artwork for their long awaited comeback album. "King Animal", which is the band's first album of studio material since 1996's "Down On The Upside", has been confirmed for a November 13th release.

As NME is reporting, the band have posted a trailer for the record online, featuring a discordant guitar riff which is presumably taken from the album:

Tracks that are slated to appear on the album include "Blood On The Valley Floor", "Been Away Too Long", "A Thousand Days Before" and "Worse Dreams". A 30 second preview of the latter track has appeared online:

Describing the sessions for the new album, front man Chris Cornell has noted that the material from it is a progression from where the band left off back in 1996:

"It sounds like Soundgarden, but I wouldn't say it's similar. I think there are parts of it that are gonna remind anybody of us, but we've always kind of progressed from album to album. So it's definitely not a throwback. It's not us getting back to our roots... it's just kind of a natural progression."

Soundgarden released their first new single for 15 years back in April. The track, "Live To Rise" was the featured single from the "Avengers" movie. The first of the band's reunion shows back in 2010 had been played under the pseudonym Nudedragons, which keen readers will note is an anagram of Soungdarden.

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