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artist: Spineshank date: 09/22/2008 category: online downloads

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Spineshank are now officially back with lead singer Jonny Santos after five years of inactivity. The band have apparantly completed five new songs and plan on writing around 15 more and then heading into the studio to record a new album. The band has posted a brand new song entitled, "Born Conform Repent" online at their official Myspace page. Drummer Tommy Decker says: "All the bad blood and differences that led to the break up have all been put behind us. It feels right again, were not being pressured to write a single or look a certain way, were doing it because we want to." Singer Jonny Santos adds: "I think splitting when we did might have been a good decision. We were at a high point in our career, we ended it on our owns terms." The band has released three studio albums in their career, 1998' "Strictly Diesel", 2000's "The Height Of Callousness" and 2003's "Self-destructive Pattern." The latter album was able to nominate the band for a Grammy with its single, "Smothered." No word has been given yet on what will happen with Silent Civilian, the band Santos formed after his departure from Spineshank. Thanks for the report to Metalunderground.com.
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