Staind: New Song Available For Streaming

artist: Staind date: 07/01/2011 category: online downloads

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Hard rockers Staind have released a new song entitled "Eyes Wide Open" for streaming online, via UK's Metal Hammer magazine. The song will be featured on their upcoming self-titled album, which is due for release in September. "Eyes Wide Open" sees the band moving in a heavier direction on their seventh studio album than it did on 2008's "The Illusion Of Progress." Singer Aaron Lewis explains the reasons behind the shift in focus: "I foolishly opened my mouth early in the process of 'The Illusion Of Progress' and said that the record was gonna be the heavy record that we wrote this time around. And when we went into the studio, the songs that we ended up focusing on weren't that. But I still think 'The Illusion Of Progress' was a great record for us; it showed a lot of growth and a lot of experimentation, we tried something different. And we ran with it. And it was creatively stimulating at the time, and so was this on this time around. We just kind of went back to our roots and wrote a heavy record." Guitarist Mike Mushok has compared the upcoming record to Staind's earlier work, specifically citing the sounds of their 1996 record "Tormented" 1999's "Dysfunction." Mushok adds "It's more of a throwback to where we came from. . . [But] I don't think there's any rehashed riffs; I definitely think it's fresh. It's a modern-sounding version of a heavy Staind record. It's pretty cool." Staind has begun debuting tracks from the upcoming self-titled record during live performances this summer. Track titles revealed so far include "Not Again," "Something To Remind You," "Wannabe," and "Failing." Staind has been playing this summer without founding member and longtime drummer Jon Wysocki after he and the band parted ways in May. "Eyes Wide Open" is available below:

Metal Hammer - Staind - 'Eyes Wide Open' Teaser on MUZU.TV
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