Steve Miller Speaks On The Making Of Bingo!

artist: Steve Miller Band date: 05/28/2010 category: online downloads

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As The Steve Miller Band prepare to release Bingo! - the band's first new album in 17 years - on June 16th, Steve Miller is giving us some insight into the recording of the album. Featuring a look inside the studio with producer Andy Johns, and some ear candy in the form of "Hey Yeah" and "You Got Me Dizzy," the video below shows Steve Miller going through the making of and inspiration behind Bingo!. For the overall feel-good vibe of the forthcoming album, Miller explains, "It's a record to get out and dance and have a good time." Bingo! will be the first of two albums that were recorded together as a complete body of work, with the first out June 15th, and the second of which will be offered next year. Watch the video at this location and stay tuned for more from The Steve Miller Band and Bingo! coming soon. The Steve Miller Band will tour in support of the new album this summer.
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