Stormlord: Two Other New Songs Online

artist: Stormlord date: 05/21/2008 category: online downloads

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Italian band Stormlord has posted two other new songs, entitled 'The Castaway' and 'Legacy Of The Snake', on its MySpace page. Two other new songs, entitled 'Mare Nostrum' and 'Neon Karma', were previously added by the band on its MySpace page. The band adds: "Here we go! "As promised, even the fourth and last new song taken from the upcoming album is online on our Myspace page. "It's a different song, the acoustic epic ballad 'The Castaway', that moved the curiosity of many of you, it's something really new, and we are really proud of it. We are really impatient to hear your impressions! "Well, with these 4 songs we think we gave you a complete idea of how the new album sounds like. The album will be released on 23 of may and will be avaliable in all Europe week by week. "We made a big work for "Mare Nostrum", now it's your time: if you like what you heared, support Stormlord and get your copy of the album. You can do it through out website at this location, we'll have the album ready to be shipped to you on 23 of May, order it now! "Proudly yours, Stormlord". "Mare Nostrum" was recorded at Giuseppe Orlando's Outer Sound Studios (Necrodeath, Novembre, Klimt 1918) and was mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila (HIM, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Sentenced).
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