Tenacious D Stream New Album

artist: Tenacious D date: 04/30/2012 category: online downloads

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Tenacious D Stream New Album
Tenacious D have returned with a full stream of their new album "Rize Of The Fenix". The duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass were once again joined by Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl for their third album, set for release on May 14. It was produced by John Kimbrough, who recorded the album at his home studio in Los Angeles. "We are saving rock. We are rescuing it," Black told MTV. He says rock's peak was when it first began with Elvis, and wants to revive that rock hysteria today. "Right at the beginning of rock, when you think about Elvis and The Beatles... kids would come running and screaming and tearing. There was a movement," Black said. "Now, there's no one running and screaming anymore. Let's be honest. It's more of a 'Oh, yay, they're playing. Let's lightly jog over there. Let's not touch them. Let's be polite.'" Tenacious D acknowledge the poor critical reception to their 2006 soundtrack for their movie "The Pick Of Destiny" in the lyrics to their opening song: "All the critics said that the D was done," it sings, "but one thing one had thought about was The D would Rize again." Listen to "Rize Of The Fenix" here:
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